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Welcome and thank you for visiting 620 Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Lake Travis Community's premier destination for health and wellness.  In our eight years serving the local community we have successfully helped thousands of residents just like you.  Our goal always is to get you maximum benefit with minimum treatment.  Please take a moment to discover what our office can provide for you and why you can EXPECT RESULTS! 


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At 620 Chiropractic & Wellness Center we recognize that you have a choice when it comes to your preferred chiropractor. That's why we want you to be as relaxed and informed as possible about our practice and treatment options. We've created this information-rich website to give you access to an array of the most common chiropractic topics. The more you know, the more comfortable we hope you and your family will be with our practice.

This website also contains information about our doctors, Lakeway TX chiropractic office, hours, emergency practices and more. We believe our website is the best way for you to stay connected to our practice and get the highest quality chiropractic support.

On behalf  of the leading chiropractic care center in the Lakeway, Steiner Ranch, Lake Travis, Bee Caves, TX area,  620 Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we welcome you to our practice and look forward to helping you and your family preserve a lifetime of good health.

Practice Information:

Our practice specializes in a variety of treatments and condistions such as:

In addition Dr. Ryan works to identify and correct some internal disorders that can be related to nerve impingement.

We can also provide help and information about improving your diet, creating a healthier workplace, and increasing the overall quality of your health.

Main:  512-266-8100  Fax:  512-266-8103

Practice Message:


"When I sustained a spinal fracture and disc herniation I initially saw numerous MDs and chiropractors, but chose to go to one of the best doctors around for my ongoing care, Dr. Ryan Smith. He's a highly competent doctor with 'good hands'. He not only knows the science of healing but is also a talented adjuster. Since I could choose anyone. I chose the best!"
-Dr. Christopher Lyden, Chiropractor

"Dr. Ryan Smith has always given great care to the patients I refer him. He uses the most advanced techniques to relieve pain and return patients to an active, pain free lifestyle."
-Dr. Rick Goding Orthopedic Surgeon

"I had the misfortune of being 'rear ended' three times within a period of 18 months causing severe (and repeated) spinal injury. Without Dr Smith's expertise I would not have healed as efficiently and as well as I have. After having a cervical neck adjustment with Dr Ryan Smith there is no one else who could ever compare."
-Dr. Latifa Amdur ND, D.Ac Acupuncturist

"I certainly recommend Dr. Ryan Smith. He is charismatic, caring, and certainly a magnificent chiropractor. He devotes his time to your physical needs and takes care of you as a whole. His unique practice setting will address unexpected medical issues; he is eloquent, extraordinary and conservative yet very detailed in medical practice."
-Dr. Jorge Simental, Emergency Medicine, Medical Director